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We've always cultivated an entrepreneurial spirit that combines creativity, collaboration & innovation. Our strength is our team.

We believe that our greatest potential for innovation lies in our diversity. Our offices are a refuge for strategists, artists, designers & creators. Of course, the development of Manexco has been linked to the images and strong identities of the brands with which it works.

Throughout its history, the company has developed strategic partnerships with such renowned brands as Hush Puppies, Pataugas and Vespa. While these have all be good investments, the company knows that it owes its success, above all, to it's team; it has been in their talented hands that these collections have been brought to the forefront.


Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Maniet lives for his love of shoes: he was able to pass on his passion to his grandson Arnaud, the now head of Manexco. On a daily basis, Mr. Maniet still walks the company's corridors & he continues to travel Italy in search of new trends & new partners.



General Manager

With the same passion as his grandfather & especially hyper-creative, Arnaud is present on all fronts. He oversees the creation of the collections and offers his creative input during the development of marketing campaigns. He constantly dreams up new projects, but does not forget to pay attention to each member of his team in order to maintain the best working conditions.



Operations Manager

Under Arnaud's supervisions, Antoine brings the craziest ideas to life. He designs Manexco's strategies & longer-term projects. In addition to his strategic vision, Antoine is a human Swiss army knife: creative and attentive when it comes to design, he is also involved in every department in order to optimize structures & procedures. To contact him : antoine@manexco.be



Finance Manager

Julien handles the figures & analysis reports. So rigorous, he can manage the department alone. He also holds the heavy responsibility of "King of the Barbecue" at Manexco team building events. To contact him : julien@manexco.be



Account Manager

Incredible comfort & a casual look. Bart is the Hush Puppies representative in Flanders. From the elegant derby to the boat shoe, these must-have sneaker surpasses them all. Above all else, what matters is comfort. Contact him via bart@manexco.be



Account Manager

Inspired by trends and his love of beauty, Benjamin is involved with the Sweet Lemon collections from the beginning: from selecting materials to their assembly from the sole up, he can identify this line of shoes merely by touch. Recently, Benjamin has also taken over the Kaléo collection. To contact him : benjamin@manexco.be



Export Manager

A challenge & adrenaline addict, Jérémy is in charge of developing Manexco's Export Department, which includes seeking new partners. His personal rule? Be in the right place, at the right time, and above all, never be too tired. To contact him : jeremy@manexco.be



Stock & Account manager

A wearer of many hats, Vincianne is both organised & ultra conscientious. Her wise eye watches over and manages our brands' stocks, as well as a part of our clients. At the beginning of the season, she and Wendy place the orders with our manufacturers. To contact her : vincianne@manexco.be



District Manager

Sparkling & super creative, Anne-Flore & her boots criss-cross Belgium's seven locations to coordinate all the Hush Puppies stores. She's also stayed in her role as manager of the Sweet Lemon shop in Namur & shows off of her merchandising talents (among others) with panache! To contact her : anflo@manexco.be



Account Manager

Wendy works with all our Dutch-speaking customers: from first contact to monitoring deliveries, she answers all their questions & can always find a solution to the most unexpected request. At the beginning of the season, she and Vincianne place orders with our manufacturers. To contact her : wendy@manexco.be



Sales representative

Donning sportswear with elegance & shoe expertise are Alex’s primary characteristics. He developed & sells the Ciao Ragazzi collection: a line that combines the latest trends with an everyday vibe. A sneaker lover, Alex is also responsible for the Vespa & Pataugas lines. To contact him : alex@manexco.be



Export coordinator



Sales representative



Brand Manager

Our Story

Our Story

Following his passion and love for shoes, Jacques Maniet created Manexco in 1961, already being the 3rd generation of his family working in the footwear industry. The company started as an importer of Italian brands. At that time, Mr Maniet was one of the first to drive to Italy in his Coccinelle car, travelling through the country and discovering Italian factories. His sense of contact and interest in people eventually led him to surround himself with talented stylists and relevant factories, so, therefore created his own line of shoes that brought him great success.

The identity and strong image of the distributed brands undoubtedly guided the company in its development choices. With this in mind, Jacques Maniet went in 1994 in the adventure of the famous American brand Hush Puppies by getting the license for Belgium and Luxembourg. Manexco therefore ensured the creation and brand marketing on the Belgian market for the brand. Hush Puppies quickly grew and increased sales from 5,000 to 450,000 pairs of shoes sold per year.

Without hesitation, in 2011 Arnaud Vanderplancke, Jacques Maniet’s grandson stepped into the company. He also was raised around the shoes’ business from an early age and immediately took his bearings and ensured a prosperous future for Manexco. Since his arrival in the company, Arnaud has proved that he was able to fly on his own by creating a young and offbeat brand, complementing the collections developed by his grandfather. This is how the shoe brand Sweet Lemon was created in 2012.

The expertise of Manexco is now varied from design and production to distribution of shoes, either for its own brands, licensed brands or for developping existing brands. Manexco also relies on another of its main activities which is distributing brands as an agent.

Today Manexco has a team of 40 people, sells 650 thousand pairs of shoes per year and has a turnover of more than 15.7 million euros. The next step for the company is to develop its activities abroad.

Our strengths


grâce à ses différents stylistes Manexco est capable de proposer des modèles répondant à différents styles, que ce soit du modèle confort au dernier modèle dans l’air du temps. Travaillant en étroite collaboration avec les formiers, les semelliers et les taneurs, Manexco peut s’adapter à tous types de demandes.


Always willing to deliver quality products, Manexco is responsible for monitoring production and quality controls within manufactories. Currently working with over 50 factories mainly situated in Europe and which production is mostly artisanal, it offers a wide range of style. The selection of manufacturers is primarily based on quality, whether for the work or for the materials used.


With over 500 sales points in Belgium and Luxembourg, Manexco is one of the leaders on the shoe market. The entire French and Dutch Belgium is covered by 4 reps. Currently Manexco distributes ten brands and is always looking for new opportunities.